Industrial Paints


Industrial Paints

Harsh conditions of industrial environments require durable painting solutions. This is where Malabar Industrial Paint comes to your rescue. The time tested Industrial paints from us have proved the mettle in different weather and working conditions.

Malabar Enamel Metal Primer

Gives excellent hiding and protection and adhesion on all metal surfaces. It gives good coverage, so you need less material. Produces an extremely smooth finish.

Malabar Premium Enamel Metal Paint

A specially formulated metal enamel paint to give an excellent finish, resembling the smoothness of satin to masonry, wood and metal surfaces.

Malabar Foundation Paint

It provides superior vapour barrier and excellent damp-proofing&water-proofing. The applied coating permits water vapour to escape while curing. This allows application over damp surfaces and helps prevent blistering. The dried film cures to a tough, durable and flexible finish that can withstand extreme changes in temperature and vibration. The elastic coating provides a continuous film without cracks when applied according to directions for application. The coating will not get damaged when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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